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Wellbeing Forums

Wellbeing Forums are suspended until further notice .................................


Since the passing of Dr Áine Tubridy in April 2011, the Wellbeing Forums have been suspended.

The Wellbeing Foundation recommends instead the meetings held by Renew Ireland, which take place weekly. On Saturday mornings there is a meeting in Dublin city and on Wednesday evenings one takes place in Bray, Co Wicklow.


Details of meetings around the country are here: renew-ireland.com/contact


The Wellbeing Forums started as the famed Depression Dialogues, which began in 2005. When the Psychosis Dialogues were added by Dr Michal Corry a year before his death in 2010, they were both renamed Wellbeing Forums.



Soul Interrupted film available for showing

Soul Interrupted, the documentary film about the lives of mental health service users made by the Wellbeing Foundation, is available to any group which would like to show it. The documentary, filmed by Jonathan Woods in the summer of 2006, interviews a cross section of users of the public psychiatric services. Whether you are a 'service user' or a 'service provider', a sceptic towards or an advocate of ECT and antidepressant drugs, their self-narrated emotional testament provides compelling insight into the experiences and views of those on the receiving end.

Says Jonathan Woods: “I've been involved in documenting the lives of many people in extreme circumstances. In Thailand, I witnessed the distress of countless survivors of the Asian tsunami. Closer to home I've been immersed in the explosive sectarian hatred in Northern Ireland. Working on Soul Interrupted has had just as deep a personal impact.

"Where Michael [Corry] and I went in the course of the production there was no high drama, no danger. Instead, on our doorstep we found people struggling to raise their voice against their treatment by a quietly immovable, powerful, often care-less medical and psychiatric force.”


Any organisation or group interested in showing the documentary should contact Basil Miller, head of communications at the Wellbeing Foundation

The film can also be viewed as a podcast on our video podcast page here







Events, meetings, links


. Useful resources & links.nn..



In all cases, click the name of the organisation to go to their website in a new window


. Psychotherapy.............


The Wellbeing Foundation does not directly provide psychotherapy, or any other clinical service. To find a psychotherapist in your area, we recommend you use this website: psychotherapy-ireland.com/find

For people in the greater Dublin area, we also recommend the Institute of Psychosocial Medicine, where Dr Michael Corry and Dr Áine Tubridy had their practice. The telephone number is 01 2800084 and the website is ipmed.org

Please do not contact the Foundation for appointments. We do not make appointments on behalf of any provider.


. Podcasts......................



Find Wellbeing podcasts here


. Recovery.....................



Renew is a caring community of equals, each with vital characteristics to contribute to the good of all. It is dedicated to helping those who suffer psychosocial distress return to greater and greater levels of wellbeing.

Renew has three groups at present:

Bray Group: Doug Ross

Tel 087 2242596

Email [email protected]

Sligo group: Michael Roberts

tel 087 1378077

Athlone group: Dara White

Tel 086 8041625


Slí Eile Housing Association: The aim of the Slí Eile approach to recovery through community living is to provide another way of supporting people to recover from their experience of mental distress.

Email [email protected]


. Suicide........................



The Samaritans provide dedicated help 24/7 to anyone with a problem which is getting them down; also to friends or family who be concerned about someone they know, and a wealth of information to explode the many myths about suicide.


Ireland 1850 60 90 90

Northern Ireland 08457 90 90 90

Email: [email protected]

Find a branch: Ireland N & S


1Life suicide helpline

1800 247 100


1800 833 634

Suicide or Survive
Tel 0402 41487

. Depression.. .................


GROW is an alliance of people who suffer or who have suffered from 'mental illness'. Local groups provide a welcoming and helpful environment which supports the process of regaining wellness.

Infoline: 1890 474 474

Email: [email protected]


BLACK DOG: Aimed at men, this site provides much useful information on psychological health, with chatroom and discussion groups.


SANE: Wide range of information and useful advice. Helpline not accessible from the Republic.


SAMARITANS: First recourse for anyone suicidally depressed. Do nothing! Call the Samaritans first! See Suicide above for phone numbers, or email [email protected].

. Panic & Anxiety.............


PANIC ATTACKS: Useful Australian site.


ADAA: Online home of the US-based Anxiety Disorders Association of America.


PODCASTS: Download Aine Tubridy's emergency drills and anti-panic techniques from the Wellbeing Foundation.


. Sexual abuse ................


RAPE CRISIS NETWORK: Site of national network with help and extensive information including links to other organisations and agencies.


DRCC: Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Provides contact details, help and resources for victims of abuse, rape, and other sex crimes.

Helpline: 1 800 778 888

E-mail: [email protected]

Crisis centres around Ireland here


. Bullying ........................


ANTI-BULLYING CENTRE: The Anti-Bullying Centre at Trinity College, Dublin. Excellent resource for victims of bullying, and the centre provides guidance and counselling.

Tel: 01 896 2573 or 896 3488

E-mail: [email protected]


BULLY ONLINE: Tim Field runs this UK site, the world's largest resource on workplace bullying and related issues — another excellent resource covering all forms of bullying and what to do about it.


CHILD BULLYING: The school bullying section of Bully Online. Important resource to help deal with school or peer bullying and empower victims. Important new section on bullycide — children driven to suicide by school bullying.


EQUALITY AUTHORITY: This agency has a role in relation both to workplace and school bullying. Workplace bullying may breach your equality rights, so call the EA for help. The Authority has initiatives in respect particularly of homophobic bullying in schools.


BELONG TO: BeLonGTo is an organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) young people, aged between 14 and 23. Information and advice on a range of matters including gender-related bullying.


. Self harm .... ....................



REACH OUT: Information on many issues to do with mental wellness, including self-harm, anxiety, panic and others. Ten per cent of Irish teens self-harm.


NSHN: British National Self Harm Network.


. Substance abuse................



ALANON: Alcoholics Anonymous

For full list of contact details and locations, see here.


NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS: Irish organisation for recovering addicts.

Helplines are listed here


NA BRITAIN: Narcotics Anonymous in England. Scotland and Wales.

Helpline: 0300 999 12 12


. SSRIs & other medication ..



WITHDRAWAL FROM SSRIs: Prof David Healy's protocols for getting off antidepressants slowly.

Other protocols:

Prof Heather Ashton on withdrawing from SSRI and benzodiazepine (e.g. Valium) cocktail.

Download the ICARUS PROJECT guide to slow withdrawal from anti-psychotics and other drugs.


DRUG AWARENESS: International Coalition for Drug Awareness. Hugely helpful website run by Dr Ann Blake Tracy, with a wealth of information on drug dangers and on alternative approaches.


ANTIDEPRESSANTS FACTS: An extensive source of information on the side-effects and safety of SSRIs. Features research, articles, studies, personal experiences, views of doctors plus a range of links to further sources. Comprehensive directory on antidepressants, side effects, papers, articles, books, and doctors.


PSYCHIATRIC DRUG FACTS: Peter Breggin MD's extensive library of material on all psychiatirc drugs and their effects.


SSRI STORIES: A collection of 3700+ news stories with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) or that were part of testimony at FDA hearings in which antidepressants are mentioned.


. Miscellaneous . .................



WOODY MATTERS: A beautiful memorial and informational site developed by Kim Witczak, who lost her husband Woody to an SSRI-induced self-killing. Here you will find research on and knowledge about these drugs all in one place. Kim says that no one should have to experience what her friends and family did. Be smart. Be informed. Avoid these drugs.


. More links? . .................



We welcome suggestions from readers for more useful links. Send them to: