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For Michael Corry and Áine Tubridy

Michael Corry and Áine Tubridy


This site, the website of The Wellbeing Foundation, is maintained as a resource for users of the public health psychiatric services, for all those suffering psychological distress, and for campaigners for the rights of users of psychiatric services. As such, it constitutes a memorial to two of its founders, Dr Michael Corry and Dr Áine Tubridy, both of whom, sadly, died within a short time of each other just as it appeared that their efforts in this field were at last bearing fruit.

The site contains many resources, ranging from podcasts to long articles. Most of them are the work of Michael and Áine, who wrote several books in the field of mental health and psychological wellbeing, and who, while they were writing these works, published chapters from their manuscripts on this site and on its predecessor site, depressiondialogues.ie.

Michael died in February 2010, Áine in April 2011. This great loss has left the Foundation without its two major sources of inspiration, and those of us who have tried to maintain the objectives and the work of the Foundation have, so far, found it impossible to do any more than maintain the website as a tribute and a memorial to these two wise, courageous and inspiring figures.

We hope that in the near future we can revivify the site, removing old or out of date material and adding new resources which will help our many registered members and the thousands who visit this site for guidance every month.


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Psychological distress is a valid human experience and no-one is immune.

It has a cause, a context and a timeline.

To call human suffering a disease, something pathological, is deluded. The biological model of psychological distress has no basis in science; it takes away from the equation between 'healer', sufferer and society the need for understanding, compassion, healing, prevention and social and political change.

The medicalisation of problems of living has to stop. We have a collective duty of care to bring about the destruction of psychiatry in its present form.

Human beings are not unbreakable. Countless millions worldwide have been broken in mind and spirit by psychiatric practices; turned into zombies by years of hospitalisation, by lobotomies, by repeated shock 'treatments' and by years of medication.

They have lived out their lives as institutionalised slaves, their inner light extinguished.

Instead of the biological-medical model of psychological distress, with its emphasis on brain chemistry as the 'cause' of 'illness', the Wellbeing Foundation approach is holistic, existential and humanitarian.

This humanitarian approach can usher in an era of prevention of mental distress, from which will follow a multitude of innovative changes.


The Wellbeing Foundation........



The Foundation was formed in 2005 to address the parlous state of the mental health services in Ireland, to deal with the issues faced by those who have to use these services, to carry out research and education programmes, and to provide advice, assistance and resources.